I’ m not gonna repeat the same rant everyone else have made. We all know what was wrong with the movie. I will provide an easy fix. By adding a second act and changing the third.

Alright, after I have done that I will be ranting a bit, but first...

Seeing as the first half is decent my changes start after Reed escapes. He makes a suit to contain his stretching and trains to get control over his powers (montage).

Reed returns to the facility a month later knocking out guards ready to rescue his friends. He finds they are fine in their suits, Ben is pissed at him, goes on military ops. The remaining three rebuild the transporter they go back to take samples to try and cure Ben. They them self are happy having powers.

On returning something latches on to the transporter, it is Doom(face disfigured and with about 5% of the power he has in the current movie.) and he slivers away when they return. Doom returns to Latveria. He kills his father and uncle, cousin etc and becomes the ruler of Latveria. He goes to planet Zero and collects the green power ooze. He stars making doombots powered by the ooze.


The fantastic four goes on with their lives focusing on their research in the Baxter building. only using their powers for frivolous things. Reed and Sue becomes a couple. Doom gets wind of this.

A doombot attacks. They barely fend it of. Ben returns, they learn to use their abilities and work together so they can stop whatever plan Doom has. They go back to planet zero find that all the power ooze is gone. They understand Doom is behind it.


Sue makes the team new blue suits and pants for Ben. Reed uses the green power ooze they collected for tests to power the fantasticar that Reed has made.

They go to Lavernia to talk to doom, he captures them. He is going to destroy USA(or something, he is insane and evil now). He wants Sue for himself. They escape fight doom and doombots in New York. Win by working as a team. Capture Doom. Reporter: New York was saved today by these .. Fantastic 4 !


Movie fixed and much better.

Now, yes. Thing does not have genitals and don’t need pants. it’s just weird without. Throwaway line somewhere: Hey, put on some pants will you! The Cgi was bad, he had no presence.

Now this is a rock monster.


The film has promise, but when I saw it yesterday I was thinking: This is taking to long, they barely have time to fight doom and the film is over once they get their powers.

It has much of the same plot as the first Fantastic 4 movie, and I hate to say it. That film was better. Everything I have read and watched in reviews is corrects.This film failed hard. It makes me sad.