Sorry for the misdirect, the real name of this article is : Why the writer of the Flash should not be allowed to write stories about females.

In the Episode monster the girls(+Felicity) have to take on a powerful meta(that can be rendered powerless by stealing her bucket of metal while she is in the shower) by themselves.

At the girls bachelorette party snake eyes shows up(pretty lame/useless meta power) instisting on Caitlin come back to work for Amunet.

Amunet stops Caitlin from breacing away beat her up and kills two cops.

The girls band together and help Caitlin fight her and it goes well, as foreshadowed in the last episode anyone can now use their super hacker computer, so Cecile can use the magnet in the steel mill to grab Amunets glove. She is a discount Magneto and can only control a special metal alloy she has to bring, so this makes her powers useless.


She is powerless and they knock her out and lock her up in the A.R.G.U.S super villain prison..... Oh wait! They don’t????

Amunet runs the meta underground black marked, She killed two cops earlier that night fighting Caitlin, she tried to have all of the girls killed by machine gun wielding henchmen, and she has a beaten up drug crying meta kidnapped and locked up selling him... that adds slavery to the mix.


And when Frost is convinced to not kill Amunet, she says: OK, just go! And no one said anything else as she ran away. I can let villains get away from The Flash when he turns around and him not running after them even though they are less than 100 meters away slide(barely). but straight up just letting her go. That is some of the stupidest thing I’ve seen.

Is this cause they are women, would they do the same to the Flash? Sure, they are gonna use Amunet later. Either you have someone make a commotion and she escapes or you have her arrested and she can escape during transport. You straight up don’t let someone that killed TWO COPS just hours ago leave of her own free will when you have her powerless in front of you.